Places To Go And Things To Do - My Travel Bucket List

There is always places to go and things to do, the list is never ending. So I thought I would share with you a few of my travel bucket list items. There is no order to this list. Being someone who has only visited a handful of states, I have always dreamed of traveling and exploring the world. Here are some of the places and things I would like to do around the world.

Travel Bucket List

Visit the castles of Ireland, Scotland, and England


Collect sand, rocks, shells, and seas glass from various beaches around the world


Sail to Hawaii and visit all of the islands


Visit every Disney location

Disney Locations

No destination road trip

Road Trip

Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands

See the northern lights

Stay at the Ice Hotel in Sweden 

Spend a week or two in a tree house

Stay in the underwater suite at Atlantis in Dubai

Link to Atlantis

We all have wished to be someplace other than where we are. So sit back and make yourself a bucketlist to work from. Where are some of the places that you would like to visit? Have you visited any of the places I want to go? I would love to know your experience. Until next time dearies!