What Am I Watching - YouTube Edition

Hello my dearies! Today I am doing a request from a dear friend of mine just started up her blog, Dreamin' In Seasons. It is something that my friends and I all love to do, watch YouTube videos! Any hing from crafts and books to makeup and vlogs. YouTube is my way of keeping up with the latest products, techniques, and ideas. I love that there is such a diverse community of people sharing their content with the world. Lets get started on the list of YouTubers that I subscribe to and watch regularly.

Youtube List

These are all my beauty related gurus that I love to watch.

Everyone knows that I love to craft, big shocker, I love to watch crafting videos as well. From Project life to scrapbooking and planners.

Book Tubers
My second favorite niche after crafting is books! I love seeing what other people are reading, what they think of all the current must reads, and bookish related loveliness.

All things life related. There is a mix of things in this list from makeup and subscription boxes to vlogs and testing out new products.

Honorable Visits
These are my YouTubers that I do not subscribe to, but I love to visit on occasion and catch back up on.

I hope that you like this look into my YouTube watching. I really didn't think I watched this many... until a made this list. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers and how do you schedule in time to catch up on videos?