Try All The Crafts!!! - Craft Week

Hello my darlings!!! I am here to announce an exciting week of posts for you! It is going to be craft week here at my blog. I am going to discuss the crafts I want to get into, any ideas I have, and any of the supplies I will be needing. Anything that I list out, I either do not own or I will be replacing/expanding my collection. Just a little tidbit, I will not be doing all this shopping at once, even if that would be one exciting time. So let's get into the list of crafts I want to start and just why I am interested in them.

Project Life - is something I want to start with my family. My idea is to create an album filled with our memories together. Not only will I be journaling in it, but I want my fiance and our children to do so as well. I want it to be something that we do together and reflect on. Versus scrapbooking, I feel like Project Life will be a little more manageable and easier to do on a busy schedule.

Watercoloring - goes hand in hand with some of the other crafts I am wanting to pick up; however, it is also something I want to do on its own. I have always been one to love coloring (who knew that so many would latch on to that idea now). I want to take that love and apply it to watercolors. I really believe it would be a great way of expressing myself.

Bible Journaling - as my walk of faith has grown so much stronger lately, I have been seeing Bible journaling everywhere. I have fallen in love with the beautiful detail that everyone is putting into their Bibles, something that is uniquely theirs. I believe it would be a wonderful way for me to worship God in a way I know how, being creative. I may not be able to carry a tune in a leak proof bucket, but I can create. I want to honor God in that way, for my creativity is His gift.

Hand Lettering - I want to take my handwriting to the next level. I want to use the mediums in my other crafts to create hand written quotes, scriptures, and reminders for myself, my family, and my friends. Even though a written letter is rare in this day and age, I want to be able to craft words and letters in such a way that it can be displayed and cherished.

Card Making - whether for a birthday, a get well soon, or just because, everyone likes to know that others are thinking of them. For me, this is a way to do just that in a creative way. I can use cute and fun ideas to bring joy and love to someone. Who doesn't like to receive something in the mail that isn't a bill? (Become an adult they said, it will be fun they said.)

Writing - this is one thing I want to revisit. I used to absolutely love love love writing. Anything from poems, short stories, and song lyrics, I used my words to express myself. It has been some time now and it is about time I start back. I stopped all attempts a little while after I finished my creative writing course in college. Even if I never let those words be read by another human being, it will be a relief to get them all out of my head someway or another.

Jewelry Making - yet another revisit for me. Making jewelry is something I took to when I was going through a really difficult time in my life. It quieted my mind and helped me to stay busy. I rather enjoyed the process of working with my hands and creating something I could wear. Most jewelry makers will tell you just how wonderful it feels to have someone stop you and ask you about a piece you are wearing, only to their surprise it is something you made yourself. This time around however, I would be less critical of myself, have more fun, and try new things.

What crafts or hobbies do you enjoy in your free time? One that you might find shocking about me is model cars. Do you use your crafts as a way to benefit others? I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions you may have. Don't forget to come back again tomorrow for another craft related blog! See you next time!