Angels, Mermaids, and Fates That Are Twisted - Monthly Reading Wrap Up

All the fall decor is being taken down, in its place, Christmas trees, lights, and ornaments are being carefully placed. Another month has come to a close, and while many people are busy with family, some of us have been reading like there is no tomorrow. I discovered something new this month... Audiobooks. And they aren't kidding with how easy and convenient it is to listen. I can't read in a moving vehicle. Audiobooks changed my car trips, mundane tasks around the house, and just about any task that I can do while listening to something else. This month includes a huge update for the Popsugar Reading Challenge that you will just have to stay tuned for. I have an array of books to talk about this month, so settle in and lets get started.

The Boxcar Children
The Pumpkin Head Mystery Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are off an another adventure. As they visit the Beckett farm, mysteries events begin to happen. The owners, struggling to keep up with their duties do to unfortunate injuries, except the help of the Alden children to hopefully bring in traffic to the farm. The mysteries don't stop, especially after the disappearance of their beloved scarecrow. The Alden's will work hard and fight to unravel the misfortune plaguing the farm. Will they be in time to stop it before the Beckett's give up and sell?

Yet another Boxcar book that loved reading to my girls and our family/friends. Story time is enjoyable, especially with this story that leaves you on the edge of your seat. It comes to no surprise that my children loved this one as well. The only disappointment was for Avary since they didn't cook. Even as an adult, I enjoy these books.

The Phantom of the OperaPhantom of the Opera A beautiful singer in the opera has found her voice and wows the crowd on a night when the usual star falls ill. What many do not know is that she has fallen ill at the hands of the Opera Ghost. Many do not believe the murmurings of the theater, but as events unfold the new management cannot deny his existence any longer. Bent on making her love him, he tutors her each day. But what will come of them when the man from her childhood threatens to take the girl he has come to love and plans to marry? When she goes missing, there is a mad dash to find her, yet one a few who knows exactly where she is. Well they be able to rescue her? Or will all be last as the Opera Ghost plans his finale?

Going into this book, I had no clue what to expect. Someone very dear to me was very excited for me to read it, now I understand why. It was a slow start; however, I ended up enjoying this horrific tale more than I had anticipated. The ending left me feeling many emotions. I even wept for him, yet smiled for the turn of events. Told in a very unique way, it slows captivates you until you have to find out what is behind the mask.

Popsugar Reading Challenge: A Book Originally Written In Another Language

Yes Please by Amy Poehler
Yes Please (Audiobook) in her first book, Amy Poehler brings bits and pieces about her life to the page. Some parts are funny, and others are a lesson; however, most of it is filled with humor. A book of words of wisdom and advice on when to be serious and when to laugh. Acclaimed to make you laugh out loud, this book is a look into her life.

As my first audiobook, I didn't know what to expect going into it. I had seen where many suggest it since she does the narration herself and thought I would give it a try. Not knowing her work much, I had no idea what I was getting into. Knowing I would be in the car for at least four hours, I put my earphones in and started on the journey. Many times I was laughing out loud or trying not to really kill over while my mom drove. It was filled with humor and little bits of fun. I couldn't believe what I was hearing at times, but it was a great way to be introduced to Amy and to audiobooks.

A Christmas GiftA Christmas Gift is a short story about Holly and Caleb.
They grew up across the street from each other; however, as they grow up, they also grow apart. Or at least Caleb has. Being in different crowds can change a friendship; however, one day his interaction isn't so icy. Knowing that nothing can become of them, why does Holly feel that strange pull to him even though he is mean to her now? Will a recent encounter change the way he sees her? Or is it all just an act?

A very cliche read for me; however, I was in the mood for something Christmasy and fun. Although not terribly Christmas themed, it was a good read for in the car on a road trip. I am glad that it was short and not drawn out. The story was very typical and every day. I didn't really find myself getting attached to the characters either. This was just a fun lighthearted read for me.

The Mermaid's Sister
The Mermaid's Sister (Audiobook) growing up Clara was always aware of her sister's love of water; however, she never realized that Maran's love for water was part of who she was. They grow up on Llanfair mountain where several times a year, there friends would come to visit after their trips around the world. Suddenly, Clara starts to notice the shimmering under Maran's skin. Slow, the transformation begins. Is the tale of how they come to Auntie a part of this change? Does that mean that Clara will be facing a change of her own? As O'Neill fights to care for the one he loves, will they be in time to save Maran and return her to the sea?

With such a variety of characters and a griping story, I cannot put into words just how much I loved this book. It has been something I have wanted to pick up for a while, just based on the cover alone. With every twist and turn I was holding onto the edge of my seat, waiting to see what would happen next. The begin was a little slower paced; however, once it picked up it didn't want to slow down again. The story is very unique yet it feels familiar in a welcoming way. I know this will be a book and an author that I return to again and again. The ending was perfect in a way I didn't expect it to be.

A Very Country ChristmasA Very Country Christmas as Christmas approaches, Lottie only has one present on her mind. Spending Christmas day with Rory, alone, has her filled with excitement at Tipping House Estate; however, duties call and she finds herself in a spiral of Christmas dinner, more guest than she knows how to cook for, and still no sign of the present she wants. Will Rory be able to surprise her? Or will Christmas dinner alone separate them even further?

Another short story, or what should have been a quick read. I felt thrown into everything, kinda rushed, and not overly impressed with the storyline. It was very predictable; however, I wanted a few holiday reads that were simple and rather cheesy; however, this story did remind me that always getting what we are hoping for isn't that important. The importance is cherishing the moment, enjoying the company of others, and being grateful for the things that we do have.

Left Drowning by Jessica Park
Left Drowning (Audiobook) losing her parents, no matter how many years pass, still traumatizes Blythe. She lives in her dorm room and has ceased to have a life outside of college, which isn't going so well either according to her adviser. She decides to stop her binge drinking in efforts to do better. Doing so, she finds herself my the lake on campus, one of the reasons why she chose this particular college. She always always enjoyed the water. There she meets the undeniably attractive Chris. What does the future hold for them and how does their pasts play into their future? Are they just too damaged to be anything more? Will Chris be enough to help pull her out of the depths she has fallen into?

Definitely 4.5 I almost put this down because of language (that is what the half star is for); however, I am so glad that I didn't. I loved the story that is woven into those pages. I found myself attached to Blythe and the siblings. At times I was so lost and I felt like there was no way it would end the way I was hoping. It didn't. It was a million times better than I had imagined. My hopes would go through the roof and she would cut them down again. It was an uphill battle, but one that I enjoyed listening to. I can't wait to pick up the next book in the series.

AngelfallAngelfall (Audiobook) Penryn has watched her world be destroyed by angels in an apocalypse, her
only priority is to survive and help her mother and helpless little sister. So when an angel lies helpless and hurt as she watches the others cut off his wings, she is surprised to find herself trying to help him. Saving him is one thing, but losing her sister wasn't something she thought would happen. As the angels take her sister from her wheelchair, Penryn vows that she will find her, even if it means teaming up with the enemy. Will the tattered angel, Raffe, be able to lead her back to her sister? Or will he die without his wings?

Going into this book, I had heard the hype for how action packed the storyline is. I feel like I never took a breather while listening to this book. Just when I thought she was safe, something else would take place. An apocalypse story with the angels, not something new to the table; however, it has its own voice and own vibe. It is different in a good way. I didn't expect to enjoy this book, but I decided to give it a try anyways. I was shocked to love the action packed pages as I wait with baited breath to see what would happen next.

Have you read any of these books? I would love to know your thoughts and opinions on them. It has been a revolutionary reading month for me. Audiobooks have really changed things up for me. For those who are wondering, I will still be reading physical books as well. It just helps me to juggle more books at a time. As you can see, there was only one Popsugar Reading Challenge book on my list this month, but that is because I can say that I have completed the Popsugar Reading Challenge for 2015! Let me know down below if you would like to see a complete list of all the books for the challenge. I hope this has been a great reading month for you as well! Take care my lovelies!