December Daily - Ideas for Documenting December

Hello sugar plums! Too much? Possibly so, but this post is all about Christmas. It is that time of year again and for some of us, it has been for quite some time now. Yesterday was the first and the kickoff for what the crafting world calls December Daily. Today, I am bringing you some ideas on what you can include in you albums and ideas for this year.

December Daily

For those of you who are wondering more about December Daily and what it is: It was created by the talented Ali Edwards as a way of memory keeping the month of December. Were Project Life focus more on the week as a whole, December Daily focuses on capturing each day throughout the month.

December Daily is a huge project to undertake, one of which I haven't done yet. Although I haven't known about it for many years, it is one of my goals to one day do a Decemeber Daily project. Christmas has always been a very special time of the year for me and I cannot wait to document all those memories with my family in the future. With such a big project and documenting something each day, you may be wondering how you will fill all of those days. I was wondering the same thing. This year, I decided to compile a collection in my bullet journal of ideas and things to use next year. I have also started a pinterest board and a youtube playlist of ideas as well.

One approach that I have seen and would like to take is to keep a calendar of events within my album to showcase events and things that we have scheduled throughout the month. Those events will be the jumping off point for some of my days. Here are some ideas of things that would be on that list:

  • Parties hosted by friends and family
  • Pictures with Santa
  • Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party
  • Secret Santa

Each year I also participate in Advent. This year, we have combined houses like last year to do Advent together. Hunter, The Girl from Alabama and also my best friends, already has a post of on her blog talking more about Advent. Something that we touched on last year but will be expanding on more this year is British Christmas traditions. I want to capture those attempts, memories, and even some failures along the way of how we can bring British traditions into our Christmas for one of our daughters, who is British. This is just one of many traditional holiday activities that I would like to include in my albums. Some more items would include:

  • Looking at Christmas lights
  • Christmas Cards (sending and receiving)
  • Find the pickle

Although all of these add up to a lot of ideas, I know that we will have some down time throughout the month despite the fact that we have daily activities with and outside of our homeschooling group for the children. Having some ideas on the table that are easy and what some classify as filler, will make it easier to fill out my albums with we have slower days. Some of my ideas:

  • Favorite Christmas media (books, music, movies)
  • Christmas bucket list
  • Seasonal offerings such as Starbucks
  • Food
  • Planner spreads
  • Gift wrapping

Before I started this collection in my bullet journal, I didn't think that I would ever be able to fill out a month of documenting; however, the more I watch videos and look for ideas the more I want to try my hand at December Daily. Is it something you are doing this year? What are some of the things you will be documenting in your albums?