The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer... - December Reading Wrap Up

Is To Read All The Christmas Books!

Hello dearies, I am here today with my December wrap up. This one come with a bit of a warning: everything is Christmas related. I have had a very relaxed reading month. Actually, I have stopped really reading and giving myself a little time to enjoy family time, other media, and gaming. Lets jump into the books I read this month.

December TBR

Christie Ridgeway
Holiday, Christmas, Contemporary, Romance

Going back to The Perfect Christmas was the last thing Bailey wanted to do. With yet another one of her mothers relationships in shambles, she is forced to go back home after many years away; however, facing The Perfect Christmas isn't going to be the worst thing she has to face. It isn't long before she stumbles across Finn, the reason she ran away so many years ago. Now all that's left is to make it until the 25th and convince her mother to take back over her family business so that she can return back home to LA.

I thoroughly enjoyed this for what it was, a Christmas read. This was a fun and cozy Christmas read. There was some mature content that I don't suggest for little ones; however, it was a good story. I found the plot to be a bit predictable, but it made for a good relaxing read. The balance in the ending was a little bittersweet, even if it is what I wanted in a way. I feel like the women may have reacted a little too extremely in some cases; however, it is a good representation of holiday madness. The romance was strong and the characters were very enjoyable for me as well.

Debbie Macomber
Holiday, Christmas, Romance, Fiction

Noelle hasn't been back her home town in 10 years, and for good reason. With Christmas just around the corner, her sisters engagement to celebrate, and a wedding to plan, she braves returning home for some much needed family time. However, before she can even get to Rose, she runs into the reason why she left: Thom. Their families had been friends since they were little, but a turn of events had their mothers in a bind breaking feud. Through high school they secretly dated, but on the night they were to elope ten years ago, things went terribly wrong. Being back isn't easy for Noelle and it only seems to be getting worse the closer it gets to Christmas. 

Overall it was very over dramatic; however, it made for many giggles along the way. McCombers is known for her Christmas tells and this one did not disappoint. I really enjoyed the ending. It shows us the value of family and friendships. It was slightly annoying that a few of the conflicts could have been resolved with simple communication; however, in retrospect maybe that occurrence was more significant to overall growth and development in the character's lives and maturity. 

Kate Hewitt
Holiday, Christmas, Contemporary, Romance

Claire has made some bad decisions. In an attempt to escape, she decides to take her godmother up on her offers to stay at Holly Cottage in a little Yorkshire village. She is hoping the quiet Christmas is the perfect way to avoid the "perfect Christmas" with her family; however, no everything goes as planned. A snow storm has blown in making it difficult to navigate the rental car from the airport, and it doesn't seem to be in her favor. Getting stuck is the last thing she expected, but luckily it is only a little way to where she is staying. On her walk in the snow, she stumbles across Noah trying to help he sheep that has become stuck in the ice and snow. And so begins her few days leading up to Christmas.

I know what you are thinking, another Christmas book?! Yep, you got it. This month is filled with them. I did have a few issues with this book, nothing major though. Overall, I really enjoyed the story and the fact we are giving characters that are flawed in nature, yet trying to be more and become better. I enjoyed the storyline; however, the progression was a bit off for me. In the beginning, the going back and forth with how they were feeling without communicating (which is understandable since they are essentially strangers) is drawn out. Yet, as soon as they communicate everything is sped along to a nice tidy ending rather quickly. I was satisfied with it overall; however, I wish the ending wouldn't have felt so rushed.

Falling For Christmas
Kate Hewitt
Holiday, Christmas, Contemporary, Romance

Hannah has been invited to the weekend soiree of the editor of a well known magazine that she works for; however, things turn badly when her ex fiance arrives with his new girlfriend on his arms. Riddled with anxiety and anger, Hannah decides to escape the party and goes for a drive. 300 miles later, the snow is really coming down and she decides it is time to pull off the highway and find a hotel for the night. Creighton Falls sounds inviting enough; however, she soon slides her why into a snow bank where she finds herself stuck. The temperatures are dropping and there isn't anything in site, determined to walk to civilization, she is grateful when the lights of a truck appear. Hannah soon realizes she is stuck for Christmas. With no snow plowing and no hotel, she is forced to trust a stranger that has graciously offered a room in his home.

Along the same lines as A Yorkshire Christmas, Falling for Christmas offers much of the same issues and problems as mentioned before. There were a lot of similarities between the two with only a change of scenery, characters, and back story. One of the things I did like about this one is Hannah coming to terms with her past and how she was treated, realizing that she deserves better and is determined to do so moving forward. A little female empowerment; however, it also came at the hands of a handsome stranger. It was a gradual instalove set during Christmas, but what better time to read cheesy romance than at Christmas.

What are some of your favorite Christmas reads? Do you have a favorite that you read again each year? Thank you all for such a wonderful year and sticking with me. I hope that your Christmas and any other holiday traditions are truly joyful and full of family, laughter, and memories. See you again after Christmas!