Never Before Seen On Booktube - Book Tag

Hello darlings! Reading is what I do. Watching bookish videos is a guilty pleasure; however, when my best friend comes to me with a video for a book related tag and asks me to do it, I couldn't say no.

Never Before Seen On Booktube Tag

Bookish Princess, the creator of this tag, sums it up perfectly: The books no one else have heard of. These are the books that aren't seen on Booktube. They are the books that aren't highly talked about, hyped up, and reviewed constantly. So she challenges us to list five books that don't get talked about a lot. Today, I am going to focus on some of my older reads that aren't as talked about; however, they are also books that have impacted my life and my reading. If you would like, you can watch her video here, just don't forget to finish this post first.

1. Old Magic by Marianne Curley - Not only it is my favorite book of all time, it is also my most reread book. Old Magic is a book about adventure, time travel, magic, and so much more. I first read this book in high school and it was my perfect escape and my comfort. I have loved this book so much, I have purchased multiple copies throughout the years. Finding someone else who has read and loved this book has become my unicorn situation and I instantly approve of said person.

2. Cause of Death by Patricia Cornwell - Fast forward a few years to college. This is the book that really started my obsession with reading. I had been a reader before; however, it was just a hobby that I did whenever. This book really started it all for me. I started devouring her works and other murder mysteries. This book was the spark that ignited my love for books.

3. True Believer by Nicholas Sparks - This book was my first Nicholas Sparks books. Even though he is widely known, this isn't one of the books that is talked about much if at all. As my first purely romantic book, I was taken aback to find that I actually enjoyed it. This book also has a sentimental value for me. It was the first book that my aunt, also an avid reader, gave to me for Christmas.

4. Death's Acre by William Bass and Jon Jefferson - I know I will get some weird glances for this book; however, it was my first step into non fiction writing. Assigned to my boyfriend at the time, I devoured this book. It was an intriguing novel that explain the start and history of what has become to be known as the Body Farm at the University of Tennessee. It really sparked my love for forensics outside of television shows that I had watched.

5. Beyond the Reflection's Edge by Bryan Davis - Enter the years of my kindle and a ton of free purchases. This was one of those books that I got for free (many of which I have never read). It was the beginning of my addiction to my kindle and bought on a whim. This book was more than just a mindless read, which a lot of my earlier reading was for me. It was engaged and detailed in a way that opened my eyes to what a book should really be like. I haven't went on to finish the trilogy yet; however, it isn't talked about much. Looking back, the concept reminds me a lot of V.E, Schwab.

I hope you liked my spin and take on this tag. I hope that you will check out these books and find something you like. If you have read any of these, I would love to talk about them! What are some books that you love that aren't very popular on Booktube?