My 2017 Planner

Hey lovelies! It is the end of the year and 2017 is just a little over 24 hours away as I am writing this. My planner has become a very essential part of my life, even if I may use it slightly differently than most. In the past, I have used an Erin Condren (vertical and horizontal), a Happy Planner, and even a Bullet Journal System; however, with so many on the market like new ones from Recollections, the Passion Planner, Emily Ley, and even Plum Paper, the options are endless. What did I choose?

Choosing wasn't easy, in fact, I spent hours, weeks even, researching and trying to figure out which planner I wanted in my life for the next 12 months. Ultimately I went with...

The Erin Condren Neutral in the Vertical layout!! 

Going back to my roots to the first planner I was every successful with, I decided to keep it simple. I won't lie, The Girl From Alabama was a huge influence in my decision. She is the one who talked me into the EC in the first place. We share everything, including our stickers. I love being able to share layouts, ideas, and shops with each other. The vertical just made sense for the type of planning I want to do. The colorway was a difficult decision. I loved the watercolor look in the colorful; however, I knew just how exhausting it would be to cover that up or just match stickers to it. The neutral offered an easy way to cover up the headers and splashes of color with the added bonus of an amazing font.

My horizontal for 2016 served me well. I do believe it is what I needed for the year and it helped me find my style. As the year progressed I became more and more into no white space planning and watching plan with me videos. Even though I am not always pleased with the pricing of kits, I decided to go back to the vertical and give it another shot with a new perspective and function in mind. In fact, I have already started decorating for the new year. Here is a peak at my first spread:

Planner Girl Kit from My Newest Addiction

What planer did you decide on for the new year? If you are interested in an Erin Condren of your own, click here for $10 off your very first purchase.