Setting Up 2017 In My Erin Condren - Using My Note Pages

Hiya lovelies! It is a new year and a time for new beginnings. Many take the beginning of a new year to set goals, resolutions, and evaluate their lives; however, January also means a new planner for me. 2016 was a year of exploration in my planner and in bullet journaling. Going into this year, I wanted to set up a few pages in my planner to get me started, so I thought I would share them with you today.

Goals, resolutions, one little word... they are all things to consider for the new year. In December, I spent some time really considering what I want for the new year, what changes I needed to make to get to that point, and why I chose those specific things. In the process I pulled out big areas to evaluate, picked a word (more on that later), and set some goals in place. Wanting my planner to be functional, I decided to prep a few pages for the year.

Big Areas
Like many peoples resolutions, I picked out areas of my life that I want to focus on and two to three things I want to focus on, change, or improve in the new year. I wanted this list to be accessible for me at all times. Seeing as I reach for my planner daily now, I really thought it would be a good place for it since my bullet journal has switched to more of a faith journal with collections added in. Here is the finished (somewhat) page:

As you see, I just used a full sheet label from Avery labels to cover one side and a mini kit from My Newest Addiction (the kit I used) to cover up and section off my areas. Then I listed out my things to focus on. At the bottom I added in a few go to things for time for myself and things to remind myself of when I am having a bad day.

Monthly Notes Page
In my last planner, my monthly notes page was usually left blank. At first, I tried to use it for journaling quotes, bible verse, and other little bits I found throughout the month; however, this was quickly neglected and never used again. Naturally I turned to Etsy to find a sticker set for the notes page that I could invest in. Not very many shops have gotten on board with this; however, I did find a few that I liked. In the end, I decided to save some money in the longer run and create my one based on what I was looking for:

Combining some digital paper (from Origins Digital Curio and the paper pack I used) with some inspiration (mainly from Planner Belle Press particularly her currently sticker), I created a few things that will work for me. This was a gamble since I haven't used my printer in so long and I was mostly out of ink, hence the discoloring. As the year goes on I am interested to see how this works and changes throughout the year depending on my needs.

Mood Pixels for 2017
Those who know me personally know just how emotional I can be. While browsing Instagram, I came across a bullet journal layout from QuirkyHeart (you can see her post here, she has since stated in the comments that the idea was borrowed from someone else that does not use Instagram) that inspired me to keep track of how I am feeling each day.

Whether I keep up with this or not is yet to be seen, but seeing as my notes pages in my previous planner were unused I figured the worst I could do is try. Normally this would be something I put in my bullet journal; however, my bujo is currently dismantled and evolving to better suit me. Maybe I will update on that at a later date.

These are just a few of the things that I have plans to add into my planner for this year. This year I am planning to really push myself to use my planner more, especially the notes pages.

What are some of the ways that you use your note pages in your planner?