Currently Reading - Week 1

Hello lovelies! Welcome back to my first book review post of the year. Moving to a weekly post instead of a monthly post (I may still do a monthly wrap up with how things are going overall), I want to discuss my reading for the year, so let's begin!

Currently Reading

This year, I have decided to participate in the 2017 Popsugar Reading Challenge. In 2015, I completed and loved the challenge; however, last year I fell off the wagon a little bit and never finished. This year there are 40 regular prompts and 12 advanced prompts. For the last few weeks of December I spent a lot of time on a spreadsheet compiling ideas and purchasing books to fill out this list to insure success. Moving into the new year, I decided to change the format of my reviews from monthly to weekly as well as the content included. I want to really improve my reviews and there structure throughout. With that, I will not be able to hold back as much information as usual; therefore, I want to warn you that after the overview section (it will be marked) you may encounter spoilers.

Completed Books:

Enthrall Her by Vanessa FewingsEnthrall Her (Enthrall Sessions Trilogy #2)
Vanessa Fewings
Adult Fiction, Romance, Erotica, BDSM (Not advised for underage children)
PSRC - None
Rating - 4/5

Overview - (Of book one) Mia Lauren dreams of one day becoming a big name in the fashion designing world. Working at an art store, she sketches her dreams on a small salary hoping for more to come along. When Mia gets the chance to work at Enthrall, one of LA's top BDSM fetish clubs, she cannot refuse the salary increase; however, she isn't away of the risks she is facing. Hand picked by the dashing founder, Cameron Cole, Mia isn't aware that she was picked to save the thrill seeking assistant director, Richard Booth.

(Of book two) Mia is deemed too out of control to train by Richard, the tipping point in their relationship forces her to decide whether to submit or go back to her old life; however, secrets of her past are haunting her and preventing her from being obedient. Richard has to decide whether to train her or set her free. Letting her be trained by Cameron Cole, the only one he believes can train her, will lead her to places she has only dreamed about. When her training is over will Cameron be able to return her to her master, or will it be too late for them both.

Plot - Set withing Chrysalis, you really get to see the luxury and the wealth that Cole has made for himself and others within the community. As Mia learns the ends and outs of her new submission the book maintains a really quick pace.

Characters - I was able to relate to Mia a lot more in this book. Having her past exposed and understanding how that has driven her thoughts and actions brings a new dimension to this story outside of the obvious adult content. I personally enjoyed seeing her flaws. Richard, I sometimes find to be frustrating yet enjoyable. Cameron is everything he should be: luxurious, educated, and demanding. Character development was really dynamic in this book. We were really able to explore Cameron more; whereas the first book really focused on Richard.

Conclusion - Overall, I was very satisfied with this book. Even though it didn't fit into my challenge, it was a nice treat for myself. In this book, versus the first, I was able to see more of the cliche parts that are very similar to Fifty Shades of Grey; however, I do feel his book is different in its own rights. I really look forward to continuing on with the series, especially after that ending. I have already recommended this book to someone; however, if you are not into adult content and lots of it, this book is not for you. There is a lot of smut and I would not recommend it for young readers.

Currently Reading:

Outlander by Diana GabaldonOutlander (Outlander #1)
Diana Gabaldon
Historical Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, Time Travel
PSRC - A book that's more than 800 pages
Rating -

Overview - Claire Randall, previous combat nurse, has been reunited with her husband in the British Isles. On a second honeymoon to explore and ignite their marriage after a time away, Claire decides to show Frank one of the attractions of standing stones. Going back to find a particular plant she found interesting, Claire is thrown 200 years into the past. Finding herself an outlander, or "Sassenach" in a Scotland torn by war, she is forced to recall the history Frank had drudged on about to help save herself and find her way back to him. Thrown into the time of lairds, spies, and turmoil, she has to do the best she can to blend in and survive without others finding out who she is and where she comes from.