Random Acts of Kindness

Hello my dearies! Yesterday was a very busy day for me, but as you can tell by the title I was the suspect of something glorious. The act in itself is something beautiful; however, it was what the giver said to me that stuck and has me thinking. So lets backtrack a bit...

The day had already been off to a rough start. The night before, my fiance had his blood glucose level drop dangerously low (he is a type 1 diabetic), while at sea on the Disney Dream. Although we were able to bring it back up, I still spent the night worrying that he might drop again without warning. My mother was down for her visit to go to the doctor and we had spent a little time in Hobby Lobby, a part of my Simple Abundance journey for the month.

After all the shopping and the scare that two of my dear friends was in danger (they are safe and were unharmed thankfully), I felt that I deserved a little treat before heading out to visit my niece and nephews. I am not one that gets Starbucks very often. It is usually a treat for me, and since I am on a tight budget, it is a rare luxury. Preparing to order, and squinting a terrible lot (I need new glasses), the gentleman in front of me, Dan, stated he would buy my order as well. I have heard of acts like this all over the place; however, I have never been on the receiving end of such a sweet gift.

This man had no idea the situation I was in, or what the rest of my day would consist of, but he decided to show me a touch of kindness. I was so stunned I didn't register saying no. Before I knew it, my order was out of my mouth (as well as a soft thank you) he paid and walked away. When his order was complete (before mine) I stopped him and thanked him graciously again while being on the verge of tears (thankfully I held it together long enough to make it out to the car again). He simply said:
Had you said no, you would have stolen my blessing for the day.
Obviously, it is a practice that he does often, if not daily. He gives, whether from his abundance or from his last dime, he gives to others without hesitating. Kindness is an act that can be practiced, but it is so often the case that we move about our day thinking of our lives without really paying attention to others. I was absolutely astonished. His words have had me thinking every since. What if each day we strive to do one blessing for someone else around us instead of spreading more negativity or simple lack of attention throughout the world? You never know the depth of how much that may bless and help another person. My goal is to start practicing this, whether it is with monetary acts of kindness or simply encouraging words to a stranger.

What are some of the ways that you can show kindness to others around you today?