Pinterest Takeover - Using Up Supplies

Hello all you beautiful souls! I was struggling to come up with a topic for today, so I had the best (or maybe worst) idea... Pinterest! I started looking for blog post ideas and got lost in a tundra of looking through all pins. Which lead me to this post. Get your craftiness ready.

If you are a crafter like me, and even if you aren't, we all have left over supplies laying around from past projects. Whether we started and never finished or we just bought too much, we keep those scraps in hopes that one day we will find a use for them. Here is where I am today: showing you some crafts from my board that I can complete by going through my stash and using up supplies. Let's get started.

Beads - I have a ton of them. Whether let over or from a sale I couldn't walk away from, I have a huge collection that I will probably never get around to making jewelry with. Here are some ideas I found for those:

Beaded Wind Chime / Beaded Flower Dancer

Felt - A few years ago I picked up hand stitching for some gift ideas. Although I loved the hobby (and still do it from time to time) I have left overs. Plus, buying sheets of felt isn't very expensive. So what can we do with our scraps? Here is a few pins I loved.

Felt Rose Mobile / Heart Felt Cloud Mobile 

Paper - Whether old books or patterned paper from are scrapbook collection, we always have left overs. What better what to use them up than buy challenging ourselves to create in a different way?!

Paper Roses Pinterest Link

We all have tons of Pinterest ideas that we would like to complete. These aren't just random ideas I have found, these are ideas that I want to challenge myself to try out this year. It is just a bonus that it will help me with my crafting stash. What are some Pinterest crafts that you want to try?