Etsy Sticker Haul - Shopping On A Budget

Hello, dearies! Today, we are taking a look at some of the stickers I have recently purchased. I am a planner babe. I fell down the rabbit hole a few years back thanks to The Girl From Alabama, and I never looked back. Part of what I love is being able to decorate my planner. It is also something that we say together as besties.

Etsy Sticker Haul

I started the new year with two kits left from 2016:
My Newest Addiction - Planner Girl Full Kit (Shop currently on vacation)
Pretty and Pink Designs - Peppermint Full Kit (Shop no longer available)

Deciding whether I liked no white space or not, I think I like both. So it was time to do a little Etsy damage; however, I had a budget. I challenged myself to spend as little as possible and get as many kits as I liked. Here are the shops I purchased from and what I purchased. I am throwing in two other smaller purchases that are coming in at the same time. I am adding to this list as the kits arrive and will try to include any pictures of finished spreads.

Sticker Guru - This was my first order to arrive. It shipped the following morning after my order and arrived within 4 days. She is a ready-to-ship shop, though. All kits were purchased in matte. Even though it was just standard matte, I was perfectly okay with the quality and vibrancy of the stickers. All of the stickers removed easily from the paper with clean cut lines. Here are the kits I purchased:

-Seashell - I loved the clipart and colors of this kit. Being a beach babe, it spoke to me.

-Posie - I am in love with this kit. The colors alone give me life, but the bottom washi is stunning.

Sticker Guru

-Fairytale - I have been eyeing any kit with this clipart. I plan to use this for my one year anniversary.

Sticker Guru

My Newest Addiction - I didn't order any kits this time around; however, I did purchase a sheet of stickers that I suggested/requested in her Facebook. Laura was very kind enough to make that request possible. Her shipping was a little slower this time around; however, I love the switch to the new matter paper and her quality is always wonderful. She also included a really adorable sampler of stickers that I might not have purchased on my own. I was really impressed with her new freebie.

Plannerface - The second shop to ship out and one of the orders I am most excited for. I only purchased one kit, the dragon kit, but I loved the way that she used the clipart. At a cheaper price point than some of the other shops using the clipart, I was glad to see that her kit was also different as well. It took close to two weeks for processing and delivery from the UK. Once again I went for the matte, which was just standard. My only complaint was getting the darker blue and black mixed up because there really isn't much difference between the two. I loved the variety and the number of stickers included in the kit. Even with processing time, I will definitely be purchasing from her shop again soon.


Aria's Daydream - The next shop to arrive is one that I decided to really challenge myself with. I purchased to mini kits. Although I have not used them yet, I am looking forward to seeing how the spread will turn out with a lack of full boxes and no bottom washi. This purchase was truly just to challenge me to step out and try something different, and also to try a new shop that I found via Instagram.

Love Story - I was really excited for this color palette and anything with a typewriter makes me happy.

Aria's Daydream

Soul Mates - When I saw this I knew I had to have it. I love the way she used the clipart and the colors that she chose as well.

Aria's Daydream

The Planning Queen - I found this shop via Instagram and one of her 50% off sales (that she runs rather frequently). I found that her mini kit pricing was very reasonable. When I opened my package, I was immediately impressed with the colors and how vivid they were even though I went with matte. Shipping did take a little longer, but I really liked the vibrancy. My only complaint, which falls on me, is that there aren't enough headers included. As you will see, I made do with one of the kits since I didn't have enough time to order again; however, I did order the glitter headers for the Spring Awakening kit.

Love You - My Valentine's kit for the year. it is pink without being too much. I loved the muted tones.

The Planning Queen

Spring Awakening - The colors on this one, just woah! I was blown away with how stunning it was in person.

The Planning Queen

Stickebeans - I decided to make the switch to a smaller bookmark. After just a few times of moving it, the bookmark in my EC decided one of the teeth would completely bend and almost snap off. I had been eyeing a cover from this shop for a while, so when I noticed that she now had the mini bookmarks, I couldn't resist. Of course, the only option for me was the Belle.


So there it is everyone, the massive haul for my planner. I have since ordered the glitter headers mentioned and one other kit, but I will save those for another time. What are some of the affordable sticker shops you have found?