Tiny Princess Kate

Pushing, Pushing, Pushing

Childbirth is something magical all its own. Witnessing a child being brought into the world is one of the greatest wonders. I remember the day my nephew was born very clearly; however, the night of the 29th, was something fascinating. A natural childbirth has been my intention for some time now, but witnessing how peaceful it was for this tiny princess, sealed the deal for me.

Katherine Ember made her appearance at 9:24 p.m. During labor, +Erica, needed some noise around her. So her idea? Call the three fairies! Tink, Belle, and Jane were ecstatic to be a part of her big day.

Her mother did extraordinarily well during labor. She handled the labor pains like a champion with only the occasional words in another language. In the end she had little miss Kate while standing. I was shocked at how quiet and peaceful the birth was not only for the baby, but for Erica as well. Being a part of this birth has inspired me to look into home birth more and more. I know many of the challenges that I will face in doing so; however, I want the best environment possible. I don't see a hospital offering such for me and my family. I know that my future husband, our family, and our friends support us in our request for a home birth.