Book Review

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

May Contain Spoilers - Proceed With Caution

As I finished up the last pages of The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks, I wiped my eyes in wonder at how he had captivated me and moved me with his words yet again. Many of my readers are aware that I love The Notebook immensely. It has easily become my favorite book and one that I will read over and over again. So I was in shock when I was told that there was a book that came after it. I quickly made a trip to the bookstore to purchase it.

I started the book with doubt. I knew that there was no way that it could compare to the story I have grown to love more and more. Sparks has a way of captivating the details with such grace it is addicting. I finished the book in a daze as I realized he had me fooled on what was going on the whole time. I will warn you again that this post contains spoilers. For a man to pull off a surprise wedding... just wow. It took all my strength not to cry as her daughter handed her the veil. I can only imagine what was going on in her mind. For a man that has been dedicated but distant to all of a sudden become the romantic, has to come as a shock.

The image painted by Sparks is stunningly beautiful. To see the house years after in despair then watch it transform into its former glory again, is truly magnificent. I feel as if it shows that sometimes love is not always perfectly magical. The house reflects the loss of Allie just as Noah does. The love between Wilson and Jane breaths new life into the home again, restoring it to it's beautiful splendor. Marriage takes time and work. What can be damaged so easily cannot be rebuilt as quickly. I am sad to say that I feel like I come from a generation that does not appreciate or truly understand that concept. It seems that now when something is broken you simply throw it away and move on instead of taking the time to fix it properly. Nicholas Sparks captures a love in its rarest and purest form.

Lets not even get me started on the swan. Many may not see it as Allie, but I believe it was her. In The Notebook their love conquers the Alzheimer's disease. It may not have occurred often, but their love prevailed on the days when it mattered most. I believe in Allie when she says that she will always find a way back to him. Seeing the swans behavior at the absence of Noah spoke volumes to me. I want to believe that a love that strong would never cease to exist in the world.