Popsugar Must Have August 2014

Mason Jar Cookie Company Cookie Mix in Celebrate - I was so excited about these! I think I will tuck these back and bake them with my daughter some day soon. How adorable is this packaging though!

Kendra Scott Danielle Silver Earrings in Slate - I squealed. I am not sure my ears will like me wearing these, but they are gorgeous! I love the slate stone in these. I think these will look lovely for an evening out. I am love the tiny beaded detail in the hook as well. The bag included with the earring for safe keeping also doubles as a cleaning cloth as well.

Goodbyn Meal and Dipper in Purple - I couldn't find the singular pieces on the website, but I am including the link to the set. I received the larger piece that is divided into two sections and one of the dipper cups. I am very excited to have this to pack lunches for work. The purple isn't a terrible color either.

Paddywax Ocean Tide & Sea Salt Mini Jar Candle - This smells so divine. The jar is very cute as well. I was slightly disappointed that my jar had a crack in it; however, it isn't terribly noticable. I am up for smelling anything that claims to smell like salt and the ocean tide. I need all the beachy scents I can get in my life.

ThinkThin High Protein Bar in Brownie Crunch (Extra) - I got my hopes up with this one. It is rather flat tasting. It has a borderline chalking taste/texture to it. I can taste the cocoa powder, but it isn't the most pleasant taste in the world.

Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in Popsugar - My first thought when seeing the color was "You have to be kidding me." This color was created in honor of Popsugar Must Have's second birthday. I decided to try it out and I actually love the color on me. Others around me noticed and complimented the color as well. The gloss itself is very thick, but with a pleasant feeling. It is advertised as 99% all natural and made with nourishing strawberry, coconut, and avocado oils. It does have a somewhat fruit scent to it. I am happy to have this in my collection.

Lollia Shower Gel At Last - This isn't a scent that I would usually reach for in stores, but it isn't terrible. The packaging is very cute and vibrant. I think I may pack this away for my trip to Orlando.

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