Happy Mail

RAK From Fort Walton Beach Florida

Snail mail is making a huge come back in my life. I may complain a little about the price of stamps, but when I send planner supplies to ladies that have no idea it is coming, I get really excited. I have been a member of an amazing RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) Planner group for a few weeks now. I have sent out numerous RAKs and have received a few in return. My idea is to start sharing the happy mail that I receive. I love seeing the various things that others use and share. It gives me ideas and inspiration for my planner and for RAKs that I send out. So I hope that you enjoy seeing the lovely kindness that has been shared with me.

Let's just start with how gorgeous the envelope is!!! This lovely woman decorated with all sorts of cute stamps from  "ME is thinking of YOU." (Front not shown) to a cute lotus flower. She included seven sunburst shaped cut outs, a full sheet of chat bubble stickers, four sheets of note paper for lists, toad stool stickers, three washi tape samples, and two ribbon top paperclips. I adore each piece! I already have plans to laminate the note pages so that I can coil clip them into my planner to use with wet erase markers. The sunbursts are too large for my current Xyron machine, but I am sure I can find some adhesive that will do just fine. My love for all things washi is well known, but these aren't like any of the tapes I have. These have a shiny finish and a very slick texture to them. I am not sure you can write on it, but it will be perfect for decorating. These cute fungi stickers have me giggling since I was blamed for my friends recent purchase of a fungi house backpack purse. I think these speech bubbles will be cute for quotes or silly things said by friends. Maybe a monthly view embellishment? And how cute are these little paper clips?! I can't wait to use these to mark special places in my planner or just to change things up a bit from my other page markers. I hope the goodies shown here encourage and inspire your creativity with your planners.