Put Some Sugar On It - Pinterest Edition

Sweet Treat Recipes To Try

Samoa Cheesecake - My favorite Girl Scout cookie and one of my favorite desserts together as one? YES!
Breakfast Grilled Cheese - Yummy waffles grilled with delicious fillings. I love this spin on breakfast.
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes - Who doesn't love pancakes? Add in a little cinnamon roll flare and you have awesomeness!
Mint Oreo Meltaways - I love mint chocolate anything. These just look delicious!
Chocolate Coconut Bars - These look just like the bars my dear friend Brandy used to make me at Christmas time. I think she added butterscotch chips to them as well. I now wish I would have gotten the recipe from her. She loved to bake.

Salted Pretzel Caramel Brownies - This just sounds like heaven to me. I am a lover of all things salted caramel.
Banana Split Cheesecake - Can you tell I have a thing for cheesecake recipes? I thought this was a creative and fun idea to try.
Birthday Cake Pancakes - I thought these were neat for lovely birthday morning breakfast ideas! Who wouldn't want cake more than one way for their birthday?!
Chocolate Peppermint Brownies - After pumpkin everything comes peppermint everything! Here is some lovely chocolate peppermint brownies to try.
Carmelitas - These gooey bars look like they will just melt in your mouth. Oh divine caramel heaven.