Mother/Daughter Date Ideas

Magical Moments With Just The Two Of Us

This list was requested from me a long time ago. It was never meant to be made into a blog; however, the requester has long since forgotten about asking for it. I hope this list inspires all the mother/daughter duos out there to spend some alone time together.

  • Mani Pedi
  • Mini Beach Trip
  • Girls night in with movies, dancing, and pillow fights
  • Take a class together - cooking, painting, pottery, etc.
  • Host a tea for all the neighborhood mothers and daughters
  • Planner parties together
  • Scrapbook and make cards together
  • Craft nights for painting and other crafts
  • Getting all dressed up to cook a "Fancy" dinner at home
  • Run a lemonade stand and donate the proceeds
  • Create a beach in the backyard
  • Go to the zoo taking pictures of all the animals and naming them
  • Go on a scavenger hunt
  • Play dress up for a photo shoot
  • Spend a day building forts inside or outside and coloring or reading all day
  • Spend the evening playing board games, putting together puzzles, or doing different challenges
  • Curl up in our pjs watching YouTube videos
  • Disney movie marathons
  • Put on a play
  • Find fun science projects to try together, the bigger the mess, the better
  • Do random acts of kindness for others
  • Paint with balloons
  • Work on our planners together
  • Bake cookies for breakfast and eat them all throughout the day as we spend time together
  • Have a water ballon fight