Growing Up Too Fast

Some of life's greatest moments can come in a time of crisis. I received a phone call tonight from my daughter. She was frantic and scared because the neighborhood was on lock down. While trying to calm her, a small knight in shining armor walked in. "What are you doing here?" was all she could manage. He calmly replied, "I am here to protect you."
Out comes all the "Awwws" on this end of the phone. He held her hand as they were in the closet, as deemed by the emergency proceeders. It wasn't long until her mood changed. Her fear turned to giddiness and her cries turned to giggles. I listened in astonishment as he held her and promised not to let anything happen to her. He promised to cover her if someone came in and tried to hurt her.

Now as a mother, it isn't always easy to watch your little girl grow up right before your eyes. Will this last? Heaven only knows, but hearing her light up with excitement over their little kisses puts a smile on my face. She decided to tell me that he is perfect, but she didn't think she was perfect like him. I did what a mother will do, assure her that she is a wonderful little girl that is beautiful. What she did not expect was for me to tell him what she thought of herself and proceed to ask him what his thoughts on that were. "She is perfect for me," was all he had to say. My heart melted at the I love you's that were shared between them as well. They whispered to each other as they settled in "I like listening to your heartbeat and I could lay here forever." He doesn't skip a beat with "As long as you are by my side you can." Before going to bed they decided to go on a picnic date tomorrow. It is off to bed for them now that everything is safe.