July 2014 Favorites

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

My Erin Condren Life Planner - My love for this planner runs deep. I was so worried about recieving my order and something being wrong. Once it arrived and I inspected it, it has not left my side. This is truly one of the best investments I have made lately.

WASHI TAPE!!!! - I don't think there is a roll that I hate anymore. Even the rolls I didn't care for have grown on me.

Butterfly Washi -  I still love just how beautiful this washi tape is.

Bee Washi Tape - I still cannot find a link for this washi, but I have loved it. I even did a whole bee themed page in my planner this month.

Chevron Washi in Teal and in Green - It is no surprise that I love the chevron washi. My favorite part is the colors. They are so vibrant and gorgeous.

STICKERS! - And I have tons of stickers! Some of my favorite have been from the Dollar Tree in all honesty. That is where I found most of my Disney and shiny stickers. Who wouldn't love a little pig carrying a present on his back for marking a birthday?!

Weather Stamps - These have been so amazing. The best part? They just fit between the date and the morning box on the planner. I color them in for a little pop of color. And this pack has an amazing variety to use.

Page __ of __ Stamp - I love using this to keep track of what page I stop on at the end of the day. It shows me my patterns in reading and encourages me to always read more than the previous day.

Bee Happy Stamp Set - These beauties were used in my bee themed paged and I love them!

Wish Dandelion Stamp Set - I used these on a piece of plain paper for a little note for a RAK today. I loved being able to create a wispy scene. These are a new favorite; however, be careful not to lose the tiny butterfly in your lap like I did. It took a good twenty minutes to find.

Blue Diamond Almonds in Wasabi & Soy Sauce - These have been my go to snack as of late. The taste is bold and satisfying. I have been eating these in place of chips.

Pilot G2 7.0 Pens - When my Papermate Flair pens were just too thick for my planner and my handwriting, these are the ones I turned to. I don't use all of the colors in my planner, but they write very pretty. I love the colors that I do use for my rainbow effect. They seem to be holding up well and they don't bleed. Score!

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks - This is only my second time reading this novel, but it is quickly taking the place of my favorite book. Nicholas Sparks has a way of captivating love in such a eloquent and touching manner.

Phone Calls With Avary, +Hunter, Rain, +Mary Ann, and +Erica - No matter what my day holds, talking to these lovely ladies makes it so much better. We laugh, cut up, plan Disney, or just sing for hours!

+Frankie - For many months now everyone that is close to me has tried to help me with my body image; however, he has went above and beyond what a friend should to help me. Sending me article after article has helped me in more ways than I can count. His words of encouragement and his talks have shown me that being a body image warrior isn't my goal. My goal is loving myself more and more each day. I am forever thankful to have such a wonderful person in my life.