A Home For My Heart


With the big move getting closer and closer, I can't help but think of all the things that are waiting for me there. My boyfriend, friends, and my job are just a few. The holidays are quickly approaching. It leaves me wondering, if it were possible, just how I would decorate my new home. Granted, I will not be living in that home until after I am married; however, I am still in love with that house.

The original plans to move were for one location where the house was already built. When the plans changed, I was rather upset that I would be leaving that house behind. I was unaware that Nathaniel had already been working with the contractor to build our house, just as before, in the new location. I am not sure if there are many changes or any other tricks he may have up his sleeve; however, for him to put the thought into replicating the house we fell in love with just astounds me beyond belief.

This will be our first home together, and unlike the previous house, this one is being built with us in mind. I am excited to fill this home with love, happiness, and family. I want our home to be a safe haven to us, our children, and our friends and family. Our home will be the place where we relax, laugh, and joyously enjoy each other's company.