Erin Condren Haul And First Impression

Erin Condren Address Book

I am not sure about you, but after tracking a package for weeks, I get really excited when the FedEx guy pulls into my driveway! For you that means another Erin Condren Haul!!!! Are you as excited as I am? Then lets get started!

First up is the cover I purchased for my new notebook. I purchased the Imagine Dream cover with Spearmint accent. I love this cover and I think it looks really nice. I will be using the cover and divider (Long story) that came with it as dividers now. I did not add in any other personalization to this cover. I believe it likes quite nice with just the main quote.

Now onto the major excitement... My Address Book in Happy Stripes. I spent days debating with myself whether or not I wanted to get this. Since I am getting more into card making, I thought this would be a welcomed edition. Just like the other EC products, there is a folder and zippered pouch included as well as a snap in bookmark/ruler. Each section contains three or four pages with six available spaces for information. Like most address books it includes name, birthday, address, home number, mobile number, and email address. 

Erin Condren Address Book

I also love that there is pages in the front for special dates. Each month has its on page and it is the same color scheme as the planner. I love that I can color code birthdays and anniversaries to compliment the colors of the months. On the back of each tabbed divider, there is a quote and design. I loved seeing all of the different ones. There was several that I would have loved as a cover option for my various EC products. 

Overall I love the address book and cover so far. I look forward to adding in addresses and important dates. I am still researching and debating what I want to write with in the address book. As this information changes from time to time, I am not sure I want to use something as permanent as ink; however, I really want something colorful and fun. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. I would love to see pictures! 

I hope you have enjoyed this haul and first impression. If you are new to Erin Condren and would like to make your first purchase, you can receive $10 off your purchase by going here to sign up; however, this does not work for existing members/customers.