Avary's Challenge

Creative Writing Challenge

I was challenged by my wonderful daughter Avary and my other half +Nate McLachlan to complete the story. In the graphic above I have included the original post.

The fairy loved all smells, even bad smells. The smell of steamed asparagus wafted throughout the workshop, as Callie worked long into the night to capture the precise smell of the asparagus as it was cooking. Callie was extraordinarily known for her  gift of capturing the perfect essence of a smell, good or bad. She often spent late hours in her shop making the candles that no one else dared to make, for many never knew they needed such a candle.

The steamed asparagus was just the first in a coming line of candles centered around food. Her most recent collection of wood scents were such a hit, that they flew off the shelves as if propelled by magic. With the holiday season fast approaching, Callie wanted to create scents that would invoke mouthwatering pleasure at the thought of the upcoming feasts. What many didn't know was that it took detailed research to capture the smell perfectly. Callie spent days bottling the smell to add to the wax, not to mention making sure it carried the same fragrance when the candle was burning. She would hand select every wick.

Inspired by her husband that loves all things food, she set out to make the food lovers dream candles. Anything they could imagine! Sauteed mushrooms, roasted chicken, and melt in your mouth pancakes were just a few that she had set out to make. She became discouraged when her asparagus kept disappearing while it cooked. Slowly a piece here and a piece there was going missing. Little did she know, that her daughter Bug kept eating it.

Soon Callie realized what was going on and set out to catch Bug in the act. Luckily by now, she had enough fragrance for at least three candles. She decided to test out her formula. She went about setting up a hiding spot for herself before setting the candle out. As she lit the flame, she took off before anyone could see her. Callie waited for what seemed like forever; however, soon the smell was filling the little cottage.

As the light began to fade outside, a soft patch of light began to blossom on the floor as the door was opened. It wasn't long before the little girl was tip toeing and looking about to make sure no one was inside. She crept into the kitchen with anticipation on her face. Callie had a clear view as Bug realized she had been tricked by the candle. This is how Callie knew it was just right, so she jumped out and scooped Bug up in her arms. Callie then promised a big plate of asparagus to go along with dinner for Bug since she helped her test out the new scent. Callie looked forward to the next scent she would be working on.