From Creepy to Enjoyment

Christmas Traditions

As my regular readers will know, this is my first Christmas with my daughter, Avary. Naturally that means that many things and traditions will be changing for me; however, I think this is the perfect time for alterations of what I am used to being called Christmas. My goal is to make this a very magical and memorable Christmas for all of us.

Nathaniel and I had discussed getting an elf for Avary. They were both very excited about it. I have never used one, but they have always felt weird to me. Who was I to deny both of them of that joy? I decided to jump in and start doing my research on them after we registered her elf and reindeer pet. Knowing Molly Holly would be visiting very soon, I wanted to get to know how it works more.

I cannot deny my excitement now. Knowing just how much happiness and excitement this has bought into their eyes amazes me. I no long see the elf as creepy or odd. I have seen pictures of some of the things these elves have been known to do, and it looks like so much fun for everyone. I am looking forward to starting our first Christmas traditions together.