Erin Condren Life Planner

For Alabama there is four seasons: Summer, Spring, Winter, and Football. We are known for are crazy traditions from specific underwear to only eating specific things. I am what some will call a turncoat. I was previously an Auburn fan; however, I did support Alabama when the played anyone else. Some things have changed. I have become an Alabama fan. Once your daughter looks up at you and asks you to support her team, you just can't say no to that. There are many other reasons that others will not understand. All teams have their bad moments, but I just do not agree with some of Auburns antics anymore.

This past weekend was the Alabama/LSU game. Playing in death valley is known for causing a raucous. During the Auburn game we were hoping for a loss, and apparently cutting out reindeer did the trick. When it came time for the Bama game, I started working on my planner. Can I just say that was a terrible idea! We were not playing very well at all.

With less than five minutes left, I stopped and started talking to my dear friend Caroline about JP. Suddenly, we were doing better! We are down by three and we need a miracle play. Alabama scores to tie the game for OT. I was so excited!!! While they played into overtime we did well until I wrote something down in my planner - 5 yard penalty and a grim look on things. We quickly realized that my planner was not good for our games. So I am becoming that crazy fan with rituals for game day. I will now be leaving my planner alone for the Alabama games and talking to Carolina about JP.