Let's Play a Game

Would You Rather Book Edition

1. Never be allowed to read the last chapter of a book, but be able to read as many books as you want, OR only be allowed to read one book a year, but be allowed to finish it?
-One book a year would be a joke. I can just use my imagination to finish the book in my mind.

2. Read only trilogies OR stand alone books?
-As long as the trilogies are carried out well... I don't care for series that just keep going for the sake of continuing.

3.Have to start every conversation of your life with a quote from a book OR never remember any quotes and be able to speak normally?
-I think it would be intriguing to have to start every conversation with a quote from a book. It would get the conversation going. Choosing the perfect quote for what you want to express would be wonderful as well.

4. Read 5 pages per day OR 5 books per week?
-5 books per week as long as I retain the contents of the books.

5. Have to steal any book you want to read from the library and not be able to give it back OR have to pay $40 for every book you want to read?
-I don't want to steal; however, books mean a lot to me. $40 is a lot to pay per book, unless there is an endless supply of funds to go with the charges.

6. Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over OR always read books you haven't read before?
-This is difficult! I have certain books that I reread from time to time, but I wouldn't want to be limited to just twenty. I wouldn't want to never be able to read my favorites over again though.

7. Have to read 50 Shades of Grey repeatedly for an entire year OR go to every showing of the movie at your local theater for a month?
-I don't think I could take reading it over and over again. Pass the blankets and popcorn please.

8. Be a librarian OR a book seller?
-Seeing as I am a librarian currently... Either way I am sharing my passion for reading with the world.

9. Only read your favorite genre OR every genre except your favorite?
-I bounce around from time to time, but taking my favorite genre away would be cruel and wipe out most of the books I have on my 'to read' list.

10. Choose a very well written book (I'm talking words of gold), with a dull plot OR a very interesting plot written in a way that threatens to make your eyes bleed?
-Grammar is a wonderful thing, but I cannot be entertained by it alone. I need a good plot or I am just not that interested.

11. Would you rather meet your favorite author while making a complete fool out of yourself OR have your most hated book character be your roommate?
-I will take making a fool of myself over being stuck the most hated character as a roommate.

12. Be Katniss Everdeen, and get thrown into the games, with no guarantee you'll win OR be Harry Potter, and get thrown into the Triwizard Tournament, with yet again no guarantee of winning?
-Harry Potter.

13. Have a pet dragon that accidentally sets things on fire OR a pet parrot that tells people what you really think of them?
-Pet dragon. Mythical creatures appeal to me more.

14. Be the super villain in a story, and get to survive OR the superhero and die midway?
-I would rather die fighting for something I believe in rather than survive doing something I detest and hate.

15. Which character do you hate the most?
-I must not tell lies. Dolores Umbridge