Childhood Memories: Kindergarten

Anatomically Correct

With Every Beat Of My Heart
Kindergarten is a time to learn, grow, and make friends. Among the things you learn about is your body. For every other child this is new and challenging. I went into the classroom knowing more than most. My mother was a nurse and I was allowed to read her nursing books with her. It was one of my favorite things. I may have struggled with words and had to ask for help, but I understood more than I should have.

So when our homework was to trace our body on poster board and draw our heart where it should be, I was thrilled. I spents hours perfecting mine that night. The next morning I walk into class with mine all rolled up and excitement in my eyes. I watch as each of us hand over our posters. When they are all taken up and shown, I was the odd person out. Every class mate argued with me that my heart wasn't correct, to which I later brought my mom's nursing book as proof that I was correct. I have never quite been the normal one among people; however, I have grown to love that.

Everyone Else's Heart (Example):

My Heart (Example):