Erin Condren Life Planner Release!!!

Is Midnight Here Yet?

Welcome to Jessica's new addiction: The Life Planner! A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this beauty and thought, "Meh, I wouldn't really use it. I am terrible at using planners." Since then, I have had idea after idea on how I could use a LP. My dear friends +Hunter+Mary Ann, +Odette, and I stalked the site last night as we planned which planner, cover, and quote we wanted for our life planner. Hunter, Mary Ann, and I giggled and sang Disney lines as we found what we wanted.

  • Scheduling - Keeping up with any appointments that me or my family may have.
  • Reminders - Birthdays, parties, showers, etc.
  • Bills -When each bill is due
  • Home Schooling - Lesson plans on what to cover and what hours we will be covering them.
  • Blogging - Ideas, topics, schedule, and reminders
  • Work Plans - Schedule and lesson plans for the day
  • Card Making Reminders - When I need to make a card for special occasions for myself or friends.
  • Journaling - This ties in with my scrapbooking and project life
  • Scrapbooking Ideas - Any major happenings or photos that I would like to create a large page for.
  • Project Life Ideas - Smaller events that I would like captured in journaling or small images.
  • Water Intake - How much water I drink so I can hold myself accountable.
  • And So Much More

After going through and thinking of all I can use my LP for, I can easily justify spending a little extra for this type of planner. I am new to all things Erin Condren, but I am very excited to order my first planner and accessories. Every since I decided that I really needed one, I have been searching for examples of how others use theirs, accessories, and ideas. Everyone is so creative and different with how they use their planners, stickers, washi tape, etc. I have many ideas on using my scrapbooking supplies to create a unique look to my planner. I will share some accessories that I have found from EC,, and scrapbooking supplies.

I hope that everyone ordering a planner from the new release loves and enjoys their planner as much as I will. Be as creative and adventurous with your LP as you are with your life.