Noccalula Rod Run 31

Growing up in vintage cars and car shows is something that I hold dear to my heart. I went to my first show at just a few weeks old. For some it is a perfect body, gorgeous paint job, and a loud engine; however, for others the opposite is true. Part of the appeal of this show for me is just sitting back in a chair by the car and watching everyone come in and out of the show. In all my years I have seen so many cars. Some that pass by in a blur, and some that stick out to me. There is unique and then there is down right strange. This year there was over 300 cars in attendance. By no means did I see them all, but I did take pictures of some of the ones that my family and I liked. Knowing that this could be the last year for the Noccalula Rod Run show, it was bittersweet. This show has been a part of my life for years now. I hope this is not farewell for this show.

From a coffin car, to cars that have been chopped and channeled, I have seen so many things. I have had many favorites over the years. There was the rat rod fat fender truck that had about an inch added to each fender well, the coffin car, and many others. This year is yet another rat rod. When I was younger, I preferred a car that was pristine and stunning. Now my tastes have changed. I find myself more and more attracted to rat rods. To some, this car will be atrocious. For me, I fell in love with it. It was only there for several hours on Saturday before it sold. I almost cried when they told me it sold and I watched it drive away.

The detail that goes into a show car is outstanding, but this one blew me away. Every time I looked at it I was finding something new and interesting. For many this will look like just another piece of junk, but to me that is an imaginative and creative idea brought to life. This car was truly a once in a lifetime kind of car. I hope the new owners enjoy it just as much as I did while looking at it.