Hope Restored

5 Random Acts of Kindess that Inspire Me and Why

Seeing someone pay for something for someone they do not know.

 -You never know who is struggling in life. I know that there are many people who cannot help others in this way, but when someone can, it never hurts. The receiving person may be inspired to do the same.

Helping someone pick up something they have dropped.

 -Not only is this kind, but it lets others know that you care enough to stop and help even when it does not benefit you.

Smiling at others.

 -Smiles are FREE! Share them with the world unhindered. You never know when that one smile saves someones life. It is proven that a simple smile from a stranger would have stopped someone from harming themselves that day.

Holding the door open for someone, even if it means waiting.

 -Curtious behaving is becoming lost on so many people. Holding a door open, not just for elderly people, but for everyone is just showing that you can take the time to do something kind.

Helping Animals

 -There is so many ways that this can happen. Yes, I am one of those people that will beg to stop in the middle of the road to help that turtle that is trying to cross.