Last One On The Left

How To Scare The Daylights Out Of Me

The scariest experience of my life so far...

Lunch time at work. We are all relieved to take off our headsets, log into lunch, and escape the tower of constant phone calls. Just like every other day, we all jump on the elevator and start chatting about our calls or what we are having for lunch. Ever since day one of training, we pile as many of us as we can into the elevator. Why we thought nine of us in one elevator was a good idea, I have no idea.

Everything is going fine until the elevator car jerked. We all look at each other thinking it is just a rough stop, that is until the doors will not open. Percy starts pressing the open button, but that isn't working. When we called the front desk for help, everything started to sink in. We don't have cell service, we have no clue how far down we made it, and it could be a while. As the guard takes our names, you can't help but hear her laughter from us all piling up in here. She was kind enough to stay with us after she called the repair company.

I am already not doing well with the confined space and the heat. It doesn't take long until I cannot breath and I can feel the panic attack taking hold. Luckily Ben, Eddy, Alec, and Percy were cutting up and joking. You can tell Percy is holding it together for us girls. Still to this day I am thankfully that it was all people that I had known and talked to. After hanging out for a while, the repair company finally arrived.

After they tried to open the doors, they formed a game plan. It is never good when they call "You may here a bang and feel a jerk." They could have warned us before the guy jumped onto the top of the elevator. I was the one to scream. When they finally got us down low enough to open the doors, I was relieved. I had been checking the time; however, it felt so much longer than an hour. Luckily they shifted our lunch around.

Even to this day, I will not get on an elevator with more than four people.