A Thousand Meows Seems Pretty Far

It is never easy to lose a pet that you love dearly. Many will never understand my bond with my animals, but they are family to me. I love them dearly. To say goodbye to one of them is always painful, especially when it is in a terrible way. This will be part of how I let go of him. For many, I completely understand if you stop reading here. This may not end very happily.

Luigi was a rescue for me. A friend of mine found him outside his place of work. He was small and starving. I agreed to take him in and take care of him. Then he was an only cat. He took to me quickly and stole my heart from the beginning. He wasn't what many would call special or a pure breed, but he was so adorable. He would cuddle in my lap, in my hoodie pocket, or under the covers. He loved to interupt my homework by sitting in my book or trying to take my pens.

Soon came the quest to find him a girlfriend, which is how we ended up with the other cats, including my Nala. Luigi coming into my life was something beautiful and amazing. I have always loved cats and I have had several in my lifetime. To see one in pain is heart breaking, but to have him want to love on
you when you can't touch him without hurting him more is even worse. I will not go into the nature of how he was hurt, but I knew there was no way to save him. I just wish I could have touched him and reassured him. I did say goodbye and that I loved him.

Those close to me know how hard this has been on me the past few days. I still expect him to jump into my arms or to greet me when I am outside/coming home. Watching my dad without him is heart wrenching. My father does not get close to many animals. Luigi was very special to all of us. He will always hold a place in my heart. Thank you for close to five wonderful years of meows and nudges. I will never forget you my angel.