Julep Maven June 2014

The Three Wishes Collection - It Girl Box

After canceling my subscription at the end of April, I did not receive a May box. I was floored to receive the email that my June box would be delivered the following week. I was furious that Julep took it upon themselves to reactivate my subscription. After some research, a friend and I discovered this is quite common. It is suggested that you have to cancel each month to stop the boxes from arriving. It is not that I am dissatisfied with the polish or the colors, I just simply thought I would save my money for the time being. I was upset as I opened my box. That quickly faded. Two out of the three colors are very stunning. For not being able to pick my box, I am happy with what I got. Not to mention they threw in three Pixy Sticks (Only two pictured. The first didn't make it sadly). Swatch pictures will include with and without flash, one, two, and three coat examples. Stay tuned, at the end there is a special add on!

-This gorgeous purple color has a dual shift in it that is just stunning! I love the flash in it.

-This is my least favorite. I don't much care for the color, but it would be a nice neutral for work or business occasions.

-I am in love with this. This is a beautiful blue and green texture polish. It feels like sand and looks like a mermaid. Beach Nails!!!

I have discovered a wonderful Indie nail polish brand called Starrily. I ordered their Mani Mouse polish and I will include pictures for it. First is the swatch from their website, next is two coats with and without flash. I never expected it to be this packed with glitter.