Survey Says

[my name is]: Jessica
[in the morning I am]: Sleepy
[all I need is]: Love
[love is]: Unconditional
[im afraid of]: Heights, elevators, crowds, being alone, not being good enough, failing, screwing up
[I dream about]: Many things

- H A V E .Y O U. E V E R -
[pictured your crush naked?]: Very much so
[actually seen your crush naked]: Yes
[had sex]: Yes
[made love]: ...Yes and no
[been in love]: I am
[cried when someone died]: Yes
[lied]: Unfortunately

-W H I C H . I S . B E T T E R-
[coke or pepsi]: Depends on what I want
[flowers or candy]: For what occasion?
[tall or short]: Tall which is just about every other adult besides myself

-W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X-
[what do you notice first?]: Facial features and eyes
[last person you slow danced with]: ...I have no idea
[worst question to ask]: Should you really be eating that?

-W H O-
[makes you laugh the most?]: Nathaniel, MIA, and Hunter
[makes you smile]: Same as previous
[gives you a funny feeling when you see them]: Nathaniel
[do you have a crush on?]: They know who they are
[has a crush on you?]: Hopefully the ones that know who they are
[easiest to talk to]: All three

-D O. Y O U .E V E R-
[sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. you?]: Not anymore
[save aol/aim conversations]: I used to
[wish you were a member of the opposite sex]: Nope
[cried because of someone saying something to you]: Yes

-H A V E .Y O U .E V E R-
[fallen for your best friend]: Yes
[been rejected]: Very much so
[rejected someone]: A few times
[used someone]: No
[been cheated on]: Many times
[done something you regret]: Yes

-W H O .W A S .T H E .L A S T. P E R S O N-
[you talked to on the phone]: Family wise: Mom/Non family: Hunter
[hugged]: MIA
[you instant messaged]: Hunter
[you laughed with]: MIA

-D O .Y O U-
[color your hair]: Yes
[ever get off the damn computer]: Yes
[parler francais?]: Not even

-D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U-
[smoke cigarettes]: No
[obsessive]: Not really
[could you live without the computer?]: I don't think so
[how many people are on your buddylist?]: I have no idea
[what's your favorite food?]: Chinese
[whats your favorite fruit?]: Cherry flavors, Watermelon, Pineapple, and Grapes
[drink alchohol?]: Sometimes
[like watching sunrises or sunset]: Both
[what hurts the most, physical pain or emotional pain?]: Depends on the pain and what causes it
[trust others way too easily?]: Sometimes I do

-N U M B E R-
[of times I have had my heart broken?]: Too many
[of hearts I have broken?]: One
[of boys I have kissed?]: Not sure
[of girls I have kissed?]: Three
[of continents I have lived in?]: One
[of drugs taken illegally?]: One
[of tight friends?]: Several
[of cd's that I own?]: A few
[of scars on my body?]: Too many
[of things in my past that I regret?]: A handful