All Jeweled Up Jewelry

As many may know, I make jewelry. It has been a very big dream of mine to sale my jewelry. A few years ago, I started to sale locally. I had several people that bought pieces from me and even requested custom pieces. Making jewelry is something that I love to do. It is very calming and soothing for me. Around the same time, I decided to post my jewelry online. I didn't have much luck and was quickly discouraged. 

Since then, my jewelry making has all but stopped. I have had a lack of space to work; however, that will soon be changing. I am looking into more festivals and events in which I can sale. That is only the starting point. The quality of my work and the projects I take on need to be improved before I venture forward. It is my dream to some day have my own jewelry business. Some may dream big on owning their own business; however, I have small dreams. I want to keep my products low production and handmade by me. It is my way of giving a piece of my heart and myself to others.