With My Whole Heart

For My Whole Life

Today's blog is something very dear and special to me. Six months ago today I was stunned. For several days I had been overflowing with happiness. I never imagined when I got up that day that things would go the way they did.
Everything was like normal and the conversation was easy; however, their was a link shared. I started listening to the song just thinking that I was getting a glimpse of what music filled this person's ears daily, but as I started to listen to the words, tears filled my eyes. I was confused and didn't understand why. There wasn't an explaination with the link, so I was forced to ask questions.

"I don't want to misread this. What are your thoughts with sending me that song in particular?"

The next message would change my life. He was asking me out. My first thoughts were worries of how things would go once we met. Looking back, I knew then that he was special to me. I have a history none to pretty. I had only had one relationship that was more than dating in close to six or seven years. To say I was scared would be an understatement.

Today I am smiling and grinning with a new found appreciation for this relationship and this love. The past six months has given me some of the greatest moments and memories. The bliss and love that he gives me is the most awakening experience. He has opened my eyes and my heart in a way that I never thought that I would ever be able to do. He has helped me grow. He inspires me and he motivates me in every aspect of my life.

So today I am saying Happy Anniversary to the most equisite man. Words cannot capture what the last six months mean to me. I know that we have so many more months and years ahead of us. My life has never been more complete until the day you stepped into it. My love for you is never ending.