Do You Smell That? (Fall Edition)


With Thanksgiving growing nearer, the leaves changing, and the air getting chilly, I have rediscovered my love for my scent warmer. I have found several scents for the fall that I am in love with. I love bundling up in warm blankets with my book or Kindle to read with the room smelling wonderful.

ScentSationals Dual Scent: Baked With Love (Pumpkin Sugar Cookie/Cinnamon Pumpkin)
ScentSationals: Pumpkin Spice
Better Homes and Gardens: Vanilla Caramel Spice
Better Homes and Gardens: Butterscotch Maple Cream

Here are some other scents that I am wanting to try:
ScentSationals: Vanilla Pumpkin Cream
ScentSationals: Ginger Pumpkin
Copper & Kraft Candle: Candy Corn
Geeky Candles Co: Old Books

I would love to know what scents you are loving this fall. Just leave them in the comments below!