I Am Fat

Plus Size Body Image

I am a woman and I am fat. I have wide hips, a stomach that isn't flat, and a large chest. Most of all, I have rolls, dimples, and stretch marks. I will repeat this, I AM FAT. Some people are going to think that I am being harsh or that I am being cruel about myself. Let me start with saying, I am not being harsh on myself. For many years I have struggled with my weight. I have battled with depression, anxiety, and self consciousness. I am moving past that. Do I have friends and family that are working on this with me, yes; however, I am doing this on my own as well. I am motivating myself and encouraging myself. And not in the ways others might think. Some will say, "Oh you are finally going to start dieting." No I am not dieting. I may be making healthier choices, but this isn't about losing weight. This is about loving myself, loving my body.

Being a plus size woman means that I cannot just walk into any store that sells clothing and find something that fits me and flatters me. For many years my concern with clothing was concealing and hiding my shape. Maybe I thought I was saving the world the nausea of seeing me in something that fit me properly. Shopping has always been a hassle for me. Especially not thinking very much of myself. I would become easily frustrated in thinking that everyone was judging me; however, I doubt that the first thought someone thinks when they see me is, "Move out of the way fat cow coming through." Often times, my weight isn't even any of their thoughts at all.

Hiding my body has meant ill fitted clothes. Big fitting tee shirts and jeans. Lets be honest for a minute, I was not dressing like a woman or a lady. Will I still wear those things from time to time, yes; however, it is time that I start refashioning my closet. It is time to find those staple pieces. And dare I say it is time to look sexy. I would always say I am not trying to impress anyone, and quite frankly, I am not. Feeling good about myself means feeling good in what I am wearing and wearing what looks good. If that means wearing something that hugs my hips and my stomach, so be it. If I feel beautiful in it, that beauty will shine through. People will only see the confidence I show in myself. If I don't believe I look good, they won't either.

I would love to hear everyones opinions on this subject matter. This may be something that I talk about more in the future, so leave me your thoughts and suggestions down below. Be yourself lovelies.