ECLP Supplies


When looking through any sites, blogs, or groups about the Erin Condren Life Planner, you are sure to find a numerous amount of information and pictures of inserts that are available. Anything from DIY dashboards to printable meal planning can be found and laminated for the ECLP. There may come a day when I attempt to make my own; however, for now I will be sharing the ones that I either bought myself or that were sent to me by very kind ladies. Please feel free to contact me for any direct information about where I received my inserts.

It is no mystery that I have an upcoming Disney trip and I am a Disney lover. I ran across these before getting my planner; however, I didn't know that the woman could make them for the ECLP versus just for the Filofax. Once I contacted her, she was more than happy to make me another set. When she named her price, I was shocked. I sent her my information as fast as I could. I fell in love with these. When I placed my purchase, I requested the bookmark on the left and the full dashboard in the middle. Upon arrival, I noticed a third insert and was afraid it was a mistake. Attached to the insert was a lovely letter telling me that she no longer had a use for this insert and that she hoped I could give it a good home as well. I most certainly did danced around the house getting the coil clips that I needed to insert these.

What I am using them for: The bookmark on the left is what I use as a traditional bookmark each week. I move it at the end of each week when I finish up my decoration. The full dashboard in the middle is being used to mark my first Disney vacation with my family and friends. Soon I will be using a marker to write down some details about the trip. (Quick tip about cleanup to come). The insert on the right is not currently being used. I have it in my zippered pouch while I think of what to do with it. Please share any ideas that you may have for it.

Many women have witnessed the generosity of the EC community. I have been very fortunate to interact with some amazing women; however, this woman sticks out to me. Many EC customers received a coupon code for a discount on an order over a certain amount. It soon became a trend to trade these codes for goods in the groups. When I first posted about mine, I had not purchased the inserts mentioned above. I posted in a group requested two inserts in return for my code. I want one the same size as the bookmark that comes with the ECLP and a second insert about 3x4. I received an offer from her to do the inserts. She did inform me that these would be her first attempts. I was excited to help her unleash her creativity. We talked back and forth for some time about likes and interests for the inserts. When we decided on the details, I got excited. It wasn't long before she contacted me telling me that she had decided she didn't want the code. My spirits dropped. At the time I didn't have a way to pay her for making them for me. To my surprise she asked for nothing in return, and she refused payment.

Just yesterday I received my beautiful inserts. She had been fretting about them not being perfect; however, I love how imperfect they are. To my surprise so included not one, but two extra inserts, daily squares, a paper clip, and a washi tape sample. Each of the small inserts came with a handwritten message that I have included above. This brightened my day and had me smiling from ear to ear. Let's just take a moment to address how gorgeous her handwriting is!!! I don't even want to erase it so that I can write on them. What she sees as not very good, I see as a masterpiece. I plan to stay in touch with her and to send her goodies from time to time.

What I am using them for: I think I may swap the bookmark length ones out with the Disney ones from time to time or use them to mark important dates. The smaller inserts may be used for blog ideas, blogs to complete, and inspirations.

I hope that you have all enjoyed these lovely beauties. I wanted to thank everyone for being patient with me while my blog was away. I am happy to confirm that I am back and excited for upcoming blogs. Soon I will be doing some visual changes as well. In the future you can expect to see many of the blogs that you have grown to love, and some that may be outside of my usual. I would love to hear any ideas or blogs that you would be interested in seeing me write.