Growing Closer To Him

It is common for me to find a Bible verse to go at the bottom of my weekly spreads. For the beginning of October, I found a verse that spoke volumes to me. I was inspired and encouraged to pray on the subject matter. Soon afterwards, things started to change and I didn't take it well. I cried more than my fair share of tears. I was questioning things I should not be questioning. My mind was getting the best of me all over again. This is the verse:

Little did I know, that God was testing me. He took my prayers and decided to make me hear him. Before now, hearing God speak wasn't my strong suit. I admit that I may not have been listening or seeing things the way he wanted me to. This opened my eyes and made me see just what I needed to be doing. It is never easy to admit that you are doing something wrong; however, we are all flawed. I just had to step back and view the situation differently. This was a test and I was determined to pass it. Once I realized what was going on, I relaxed. I know God would never put more on me than I can handle. I take comfort in that. So I will continue to strive in this test. I will make him proud of my progess.