You Can Take Anything, Just Don't Take...

Outside of God, Nathaniel. Yes lovelies, we are back to this topic again. I have recently taken a look at my life. Where I have been, where I want to go, the things I could live without, and more; however, he is the one thing I cannot live without or see myself being without. He is the one that can put the goofy smile on my face. It takes a magnificent man to do everything he does not only for me, but for everyone else as well. He is outstanding with his job. Being a father comes natural to him. His heart is so open and warm.

Having to live without him would be like torture. I would keep going, but I wouldn't be the person I am right now. He is truly my better half. He strengthens me, uplifts me, and encourages me. It is no surprise that I probably wouldn't be blogging today if it wasn't for his encouragement and constant badgering (that I love).

What I Love About Him Physically:
His eyes
The way his hair is a perfect mess
His build
The way he smiles (well smirks mostly)
His ears (no joke)

What I Love About His Personality:
His humor
His kind heart
He is patient
He loves with every ounce of his heart and soul
He is humble