The Story of Billy and Sandy

Waking up cold is never the best way to start your day. That is when I knew that my day would just get worse from here. Many might consider my life to be minuscule and unimportant; however, I, Billy, still have a story to tell and for me it is quite terrifying. You might be curious as to what makes me who I am. I am a sock. I am married to a beautifully soft sock named Sandy.
We live a very simple and normal life. We hangout in a multi-family housing facility. We have been here long enough to see newcomers come and others simply leave and never come back. We always hope that they are doing well in their lives as free socks. Most of us just wait around for those glorious vacations when our owner wears us around to all sorts of places. You must be thinking, "But you cannot see where you are, you are in the dark." That is very true, but we can still hear just the same.

Now where was I, oh yes! When I woke up that morning something was different. I don't remember much of the previous night, so I will start with what I know. Sandy and I was the lucky couple that morning. Our owner, Jason,  had chosen us for an adventure. My wife was very worried when we were laid on a very soft area for a while, but I told her to have a little faith. Sure enough I was right! It wasn't long until he returned through a billow of smoke and it was time to go.

It must have been a very special occasion. Jason did a lot of pacing that day. But when the time came for the event, he stood still. There was music everywhere. It was rather beautiful. Sandy and I heard several unfamiliar voices that day. There was some type of vows exchanged and then soft words and tears. "You may kiss the bride," there was that stranger again. And after Jason danced for hours. Sandy and I was so blissfully happy to be dancing with each other for the first time. As the music faded away softly I started to hear more of the conversation that later would change my life. Of course, I didn't know or understand that at the time.

I felt like a very confused sock as I heard mention of touching parts I have never heard of before. As the car slowed, I strained to hear the familiar sounds of the garage door. I was beginning to be alarmed. I did not quite understand what was going on. With nervous excitement, I waited as we walked for a little time. An unfamiliar voice pierced the quiet asking about some suite. I heard the nervous giggles of the other woman. Before I had time to understand we were off again. I was nervously awaiting being reunited with my wife. The last thing I remember is being pulling off of Jason quickly by soft hands I didn't recognize.

Now as I fully wake up, I am realizing that I am alone. I must have blacked out after being thrown down. It is rather cold here and I don't feel my wife. I am not sure how long I waited before someone found me; however, I remember the voice from that night. The lady poked me with something prickly that dragged me across the floor. Once still, she picked me up and tossed me down again. I faintly heard her comment, "Look what the honeymooners left behind." I was confused and overwhelmed, thoughts began to flood my mind. Was I being thrown out? Where was Sandy? Did she survive?