Blogs That Inspire My Blog

When first starting a blog, you look to others for inspiration. For many, they spend hours searching the Internet for blogs or inspiration. I have been known to do this as well; however, my biggest inspirations come from my friends. I have done something similar as part of a challenge previously and I will link that here. This post differs in what blogs inspire mine and why.

The Girl From Alabama: She covers many bases with her blog. She is captivating and very knowledgeable. She combines the things she loves to come up with new ideas. She always keeps her blog organized and fresh. One thing that I admire about her is just how humble she is about her writing.

Decoding Odette: If you love to see a vintage writing style that captivates elegance, look no farther. That is something that inspires me to be cautious and to consider diction. Her personal blogs can move you to tears. She has a way of making you feel connected to her and her personality always shines though.

Nate's Nexus to the World: He inspires me to be unique and to write about what I love. His blogs are simple and to the point. He is effective in relaying topics and information effortlessly. I will admit, he is one of few that I have read every blog multiple times. And for those that know me, no it is not just because he is my other half.

Sweet Southern Girl: Nothing keeps your attention like laughing and this writer knows exactly how to do that. Her blogs are quirky, fun, and down right comical. I inspire to keep that upbeat and fun loving feel in my writing.

My Plus Size Life: Not only is she my inspiration in real life, she is also my blogging inspiration. He courage in showing herself is by far my favorite. She inspires me to make an impact and to love myself. Her blog is helpful and resourceful, especially for plus size women throughout the world.