Curiosity Killed The Cat

But Satisfaction Brought Her Back

How do you know when you have truly amazing friends that have your best interests at heart? When they make you question things you had never thought to question. In doing so they strengthen you.

I was asked tonight if I thought my boyfriend, Nathaniel, was good enough for me. My first answer was yes completely. But as the conversation went on I was made to question it more. I automatically said yes because he is good to me; however, does that make him good for me? So I started thinking about it.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that he is. It took me questioning it to realize the little reasons for why he is good for me. Not only does he care for me in a way that no one else has, he challenges me. He pushes me to be better, not only for him, but for myself. He helps me step outside of my comfort zone. He has shown me so many things. I am constantly learning with him. He is not just my boyfriend and my world, he is my best friend as well.

In saying that, I say this. From this point forward I am going to stop doubting myself. I am going to stop blaming myself. I will be unapologetically myself. I will better myself. I will be the woman that I know I can be. Not just for him, but because I deserve to be that woman.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by the greatest friends. These lovelies aren't just my friends, they are my family. They are the reason I have the desire and passion to keep going. I love and cherish each of you. Without you all I would be lost.