The Pagemaster

"I come from a world of happy endings, why don't you come with us?"

My favorite movie often varies depending on my interests at the time and my mood. Right now, The Pagemaster is mine! 

To escape the fury of a storm, Richard finds himself in an empty library. What child doesn't have a library card? This one of course; however, that is quickly solved by Mr. Dewey. He is soon lost among the selves of books. As events unfold he finds himself in a world full of fantasy, adventure, and horror. To escape he must face his fears head on. With the help of Fantasy, Adventure, and Horror, Richard will learn just how magical and transforming the pages of a book can be.

This movie captivated me when I was younger, just as it does now. As an upcoming librarian, I cannot wait to share the world of books with these children.