What One Song Defines You?

Singing My Life Away

Pick one song that defines each of the following: your childhood, teenage years and college years?

Childhood - This song was taught to me by my Kindergarten teacher. I spent most of my childhood singing it. I never even knew it was part of a movie until I found this video.

Teenage Years - I was the outcast in school. I never really fit in with anyone even though I stayed with a certain group of people. I was the girl that would come in to school one day with cowgirl boots on and then in all black the next day.

College Years - Once I got close to finishing, there was no way to stop me. I lived, slept, and breathed college. It would be astonishing to know just how much supplies I went through and how much time I spent; however, nothing was going to stop me. I had went through too much to give up.