Favorite Blogs

When I originally started this post it was only supposed to include three people; however, I couldn't leave any of these wonderful people out. Each of them are very dear to me and I love reading their posts.


Relationship Status Who wouldn't love how precious this is!!!
Tree I will warn you, you will need a box of tissues for this post. This one broke my heart. I love how really this is and how she brings it to life for those of us who were not with her that day.
Disney Marathon I love her Disney posts. This one is one of my favorites of all time. Not because I am part of it, but because I am so proud of you. You could hear me screaming from home.

Mary Ann

Relationship Status Once again I love these. It is so heart warming.
Beauty and the Books As a fellow book lover, I love reading about other people and how they started reading and why it is important to them.
Tell Me What Makes a Man I cried once again. Every relationship has that turning point. The moment you realize that without the other you are nothing at all. Often times it is at your lowest point and many never come back from such a point. To watch her grow and to love is something beautiful in it's own right.
Bonus: Pleasure and Pain I have to add this one in. I just laughed so hard I cried. 


Her This one is my favorite because he utterly surprised me with it. He usually shares his posts on my group page on facebook. This one he wanted me to find on my own. It was two of my best friends that found it first. It brought tears to my eyes, but in the best way possible. This man holds my heart.
Charlie Tango and Top Gun I once again have to warn you that you need tissues for this one. This was his first blog and it had all of us crying heavily.
Creativity Call me easily amused, but it fascinates me at just how amazing he is with computers.


I'm Hungry For years I have watched this beautiful woman struggle with her weight. Those on the outside would never know, but you find out once you get close. It really breaks my heart; however, for her to come forward and to write about it truly inspires me to face things head on.
All I Ever Learned About Love...Was How To Shoot At Someone Who Outdrew Me She absolutely captivates me with this blog. I was intrigued to see her open up about love.
Hey Cool Cats and Kittens! Her first post was no disappointment to me. I love the way that she introduces herself. Unapologetic and completely unique.