Fresh Start Challenge Day 6: Why My Heart Skips a Beat

The Person You Like And Why You Like Them


When Hunter mentioned that she had told someone about me, all I could think of was, "Oh what has she gotten me into." I had long before given up on any notions of love for myself. I thought this would be like every time before. We would talk for a while before one of us would lose interest in the other. It would be light conversation full of empty questions with no regard for how they are answered. I never would have imagined being where I am today, at that point.

What I did not know at the time, was that she was introducing me to the most exquisite man I could imagine. Even before I saw his features, I was blown away with his sincerity. You couldn't mistake how adorably shy he was about talking to me and I for him. The conversation never died. It has continued on now without any end in sight.

He speaks to me with such a gentleness. He has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of me. He takes an interest in things that no other man would even dare to show any sliver of interest for. He has excepted my flaws with the bravery to call them intriguing. He makes the sunshine feel a little brighter, the clouds a little fluffier. He has quickly captivated my heart.

Many others will question how I can care for him under the circumstances; however, I am the only one that knows my heart. For those who do question it: have you ever done something that just felt right? Without questioning the reverence of each step placed at societies notion of what seems proper and in the correct time? That is what I am doing. I am taking the advice I have always offered to others, without question. I am following my heart.

To Nathaniel: For every minute I spend in your presence, there is another flower I notice blooming for the first time. You bring such joy and happiness into my life. I know we have not been together for what others would call a long time, but already it feels like I have known you for years. There are so many things I am looking forward to with you. Even on the rough days when everything is overpowering and overwhelming, I will be by your side. I cannot wait to dance the streets of Disney with you.

Nailed it!!!