Fresh Start Challenge Day 3: Charity

Giving From the Heart

I will admit, giving to charity is not something I have always done so my list will be short for now. That will soon change. Below are a few that I have donated to or bought products from that benefit a charity or cause.

Toys for Tots

Every year I try to help as much as I can. I purchase toys for drop off centers and I participate in car show events that benefit Toys for Tots.

Charity Pot from Lush

I am a new Lushie, but with every purchase I make from this point forward, I will purchase a Charity Pot. Whether I like the product or not. I just recently placed my first order.


One for One. You buy a pair, they donate a pair. When I purchased my Toms, I didn't do it because everyone had a pair or because they are fashionable. I bought a pair with the thoughts that somewhere, someone was walking around without shoes that needed them.

For more charities have a look at these dolls:
Mary Ann